At Least Fires Are Warm

This is dedicated to a wonderful person. She knows who she is.

Sollux is one of the characters in Homestuck I relate to most. I know a lot of people can’t stand the way he types, but I feel like he cloaks his self-loathing behind a facade of arrogance, and that’s something I can deeply identify with. So it isn’t so much that he’s bipolar, it just appears that way because he’s gotten so good at lying to himself and others.

I love Aradia too, but I had trouble pinning her character down here. It seems like a mix between pre-death Aradia and godtier Aradia. I hope you’ll forgive me if it’s a bit rough.

 ”Oh that’s b—” Sollux began to say but was interrupted by Aradia’s gentle hand on his shoulder. He refrained from saying it but not from thinking it. Fuck this place. These fuckers would try to fish the wallet from a person’s back pocket with their teeth all the while gushing about the exquisite perfume wafting off their fetid asshole. But you come in wearing a t-shirt and all of a sudden your money isn’t even good enough to make a salad out of. He wanted to take Aradia by the arm and go someplace where they wouldn’t be scoffed at two seconds after they walked in the door, but he didn’t. “Jesus, I’m such a fucking coward,” he muttered underneath his breath.

You’ll notice this is also a humanstuck fic. It’s my first ever attempt at it. It’s something I think I’d like to explore more thoroughly.

The full story can be read here.


doc scratch
A friend was complaining how there wasn’t a Doc Scratch sprite so she could ship him with Rose. *Cough* and while I don’t necessarily approve of that pairing, I decided to go ahead and make one. It’s based heavily on this gif. I hope all three of you who ship him enjoy it.

Diminishing Flowers


This is mostly a response to myself, a mirror version of Furtive Prose, and a serious examination of the cause of Rose’s alcoholism and the consequences thereof. I felt like working with something closer to my usual milieu after working on something so lighthearted. I think I might have gone a bit far in the other direction.

She sits up. “Ah here to join in the worry about Rose party. It seems to be a game that everyone’s enjoying at my expense as of late. I can assure you, Kanaya, I am capable of making my own decisions. I don’t need you hovering about or Dave pointing out their every flaw. I’m well aware of what I’m doing.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” you blurt out without thinking. You immediately wish you hadn’t said it, but it’s true, it’s true and you can’t take it back. Suddenly this knowledge unlocks something in you. “If you truly know what you are doing then why? Why do this to yourself? Why make the people who love you watch?”

“If I had to explain myself to you I would have a long time ago,” she says flatly and turns away. But it’s too late now, your self-doubt is drowned in a torrent of all the things you need to say. Your regret is silenced by its unbounded voice.

This was also the first work I’ve ever written in second person. It was pretty fun and I plan to play around in it a bit more.

The story can be read here.

Fulsome Prose


So I wanted to get a Rose x Kanaya fic posted before it no longer becomes “canon.” This isn’t really the place for me to rant about the relationship’s portrayal in the comic, but I don’t believe Hussie’s intentions are any different with this than with any other pairing.

This is in some ways a response to their circumstances in comic and in some ways a response to shipping in general. I dashed it out in just under 48 hours, so pardon if it’s a little rough, time was of the essence.

"Kanaya… what is this?" she asked. Her eyes were wide and the words seemed to tumble around the screen; though their meaning was evident she couldn’t parse them, as if the very sense to them destroyed itself in some kind of ouroboros of confusion.

"I… that is a story in which you are a two-wheeled device and I ride you throughout the universe spreading peace and justice." 

The full story can be read here.

Quartet, Pt. 2


Finally posted the continuation of my literary realism in fanfiction experiment. I’m undecided whether this one was more or less successful, but it is certainly less of a fanfiction than the original story. I made some significant changes to John’s character in an effort to keep a serious tone but I made these changes with an eye for maintaining the integrity of the character; it is my hope that John is still recognizable as John in all his dorky and unremarkable glory.

"So have you used this car to make any friends?"

"I’ve purchased some good books, if that’s what you mean."

John fell to the ground in a theatrical gesture no one could see. He felt the statement warranted it, even if there was no one around to know of its existence. However, he fell face first into a Lego boat Jade had sent him that he had been building. It tilted over, the satellite piece nearly snapped off into his eye and as his head hit the ground the whole boat slid across the wooden floor to the opposite wall. When he got back up to the keyboard Rose was already asking where he was.

"Sorry," he said, “I was busy crashing."

"Of course," she replied as if that required no further explication.

"Rose, books are not friends."

"Don’t say that, John. Books are wonderful friends. For example, they never criticize my life choices." 

I can’t help but feel like the story would have been better if it consisted entirely of dialogue between Rose and John, but some things in the plot need to be set up and in some ways that is primarily what this installment does, all of which will hopefully come to fruition in the next. Which I would say is forthcoming but I find the prospect of writing it a little daunting.

The full story can be found here.